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The Farm

Triple J Family Farm is a 128 acre farm located in Morrow County, Ohio. It is home to 26 beef cows, 15 of which are brood cows, 2 heifers, a bull, several steers, and calves. There are several dozen chickens, a few pigs, Willie and Millie the horses. We also have the typical clan of barn cats, some call it home, and some are frequent interlopers looking for a free meal. Jackson our Red Doberman calls it home, also.

Our Story

We have called Triple J Family Farm home since December 1994. Living on a farm was a brand new way of life and with it came many new adventures. We spent much of the first year learning about the farm and the work required. The learning began with chasing cows back to the barn several times a week, often before the kids left for school. It did not take long to realize new fences were first on the list for spring projects. We realized how hard some of the work can be when we baled hay the first time. Yes, baling hay proved to be far hotter and generated more sweat than we ever imagined. After baling about 40 acres three times over the summer we learned what it meant to work. There is a sense of accomplishment when the last bale is stacked and the whole barn is filled with the aroma of hay.


The seasons on the farm bring different things. Winter brings forth new calves and usually a few litters of kittens. Spring is the time of year we look forward to with anticipation, new life and watching things grow. It means no more hauling hay, breaking ice in water buckets and troughs, or finding frozen eggs. Jackson however loves the frozen eggs. He is generally waiting eagerly at the door of the chicken coup for you to toss him the frozen ones. In the spring the cows are turned out to pasture to spend the their days eating grass. We have four pastures so we rotate the cows to a different pasture each week. This provides rich milk for the new calves to grow on and plenty of new forage for the cows. When the cows are out on pasture it does require daily watering. This consists of filling water tanks twice a day. Cows are curious critters. They will come from across the pasture in a dead run to see what you are doing. You would think after a couple of times of filling the water tanks they would know what you're doing in the pasture. They never seem to remember and yes, after their run they are thirsty so they drink as fast as you fill the tank. Generally what starts out as an evening trip over the hill to water it ends up being well after dark before you get back to the house. This has its perks, observing the sunset, the not so distant sound of coyotes, mist as it settles around the woods, and an occasional hoot owl calling in the dark. The only thing hard about watering is walking back up the hill when your finished.



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